About Us

Mission Statement

HopeBox uplifts children in need by giving them the necessary tools inspiring them to dream and hope for the future.


Who We Are

HopeBox, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, serves children in need by promoting the advancement of education and children’s health to give them the opportunity to utilize their full potential.  Our youth volunteers contribute to the local community by volunteering at JW House, a guest house for the families of children undergoing cancer treatment at Kaiser Permanente, and at Guiding Light Project  as part of an after-school homework helper program for underprivileged students.  We also collect used textbooks from local elementary schools and send them to third world countries where the education level is very low.  By working both on the ground and side-by-side with larger charity organizations and Christian mission groups, we can achieve the scale necessary to reach children in every corner of the world while maintaining a personal touch with them.

In addition, HopeBox organizes an annual benefit concert featuring young artists who are committed to our cause.  These events serve to increase public awareness of the conditions of children in need and raise funds which are used to supply them with practical items that they need.



2018-19 Club Officers

  • President : Semin Myung
  • Vice President : Su Jin Lee
  • Treasurer : Christine Lee
  • Secretary : Chaelee Park

Founders :

  • Myung Geun Chi
  • Jung Hoon An
  • Andrew Yoon

Board of Directors :

  • Kyung Joo Yoon
  • Kuy Jung Kim
  • Eunjoo Song
  • Eunyoung Ahn





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