November Meeting

Many people were absent at the HopeBox meeting last Saturday, so here is a brief recap of what we discussed and did.
-We discussed where to donate our funds for the 2019 benefit concert; we are planning to donate to a more local, children oriented organization (rather than donating to our usual UNICEF), but have not come to a definite decision yet.
-We are planning to do service as a group a couple times a year at Homework club and JW House. On the months where these service events happen, we will not have our monthly Club meeting at World Mission Baptist Church.  Our first group service activity will be from 10-12 am on Saturday, 12/1 at Homework Club. We will send out more information closer to the date.
-We wrote cards to hospitalized children through an organization called Caitlyn’s smiles, which we will be continuing throughout the year at regular monthly club meetings at the church. Attached is a picture of the cards we made.
As always, email me or the other officers (Semin, Sujin, and Christine) with any questions you may have. See you next month!
Chaelee Park